The Wolf’s AI Stash – An e6ai Android app

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An app to easily browse the content on!

Please report crashes and bugs in the comments below or message me @ZepiWolf on Telegram.

The ads in the app are optional and can be disabled in the settings!

Telegram channel for updates: @thewolfsstash
Telegram group for feedback and discussion: @wolfsstash

Latest release: 2023-11-17
By using the app you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

The app is also available on Google Play!



New in version beta-4.9.1:
– Crash fixes

New in version beta-4.9.0:
– Initial release

Privacy version

If you want a clean version without Google dependencies or Firebase download this version. It is the same as the “real” except without the optional ads and the connection to Google/Firebase.

Latest release: 2023-11-17
By using the app you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

Things ( are done and implemented):

  • Infinite scrolling 
  • Fullscreen scrolling/swiping 
  • Preloading posts 
  • Better navigation 
  • New UI 
  • Clickable tags, artists, sources etc. 
  • ✓ Tags sorted into artist, species, copyright, character and general
  • ✓ Viewing parent/child posts
  •  Dedicated buttons for voting/favourite 
  • ✓ Display thumbnail before the full post is loaded
  • ✓ Caching viewed posts for faster loading
  • ✓ Downloads sorted after download date
  • ✓ Better video player
  • ✓ Better blacklist, rating filter
  • ✓ Easier to vote and see if a post is already in your favourites
  • ✓ Search history
  • ✓ Easier to view and detect comics/pools
  • ✓ Set custom names for saved searches
  • Download an entire comic/pool
  • Undo/redo searches
  • Option to use a pin code to unlock the app
  • Connect through a proxy server
  • In-app links
  • Subscribe to tags and get notified for new posts
  • DText parsing
  • Editing posts
  • Slideshow
  • Translations into other languages
  • Displaying which posts that have been viewed
  • Voting and favouring multiple posts at once 
  • Subscribe to pools and get notified for new posts
  • Show a popup with changes when opening a new version for the first time
  • Changing thumbnail size to original aspect ratio
  • Shortcuts from the app icon
  • Notes on posts
  • YouTube-like minimisation when pressing back when viewing a post
  • Browsing comments, blips, users
  • Viewing Dmail
  • Download manager
  • Viewing sets
  • Editing Sets (adding posts to sets works)
  • Folders in Saved searches
  • Chromecast support
  • Google Drive support
  • Everything else :3
Currently working on:
Last updated 2023-11-14