Update on TWS v2

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Some things that have been added to the e621 app recently:

  • Search suggestions from e621’s 6000 most popular tags
  • Subscribe to tags and get notified for new posts
  • Change the save location of images and videos
  • Auto HQ to always view images in fullscreen in the highest resolution
  • Infinite scrolling in fullscreen
  • Improvements to opening parent/child posts
  • Open e621 links in the app
  • Protect the app with a pin code


4 thoughts on “Update on TWS v2

  1. Xing says:

    Ouch, bad time to update. E621 just changed their layout yesterday. I hope it be fixed soon! This app is still way better than browsing e6 on mobile

  2. Ld99 says:

    I’m getting a 404 error when I try and search for anything. Something similar happens when I use a booru viewer app to search e621.

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