The Wolf’s Stash – An e621/e926 Android app

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An app to easily browse the content on e621 and e926!

A beta release can be downloaded :) Please report crashes and bugs in the comments below or message me @ZepiWolf on Telegram.

The ads in the app are optional and can be disabled in the settings!

Telegram channel for updates: @thewolfsstash
Telegram group for feedback and discussion: @wolfsstash

Latest release: 2022-01-02
SHA1: 63FF16DD20E9AD613AB88E7F3C4EF6EEE7071EE3
By using the app you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

The app is also on Google Play!

Screenshots (old, quite outdated)


New in version beta-4.1.3:
– Improvements to the way images are loaded and cached
– Added a setting to keep the screen awake when viewing posts
– The app no longer restarts when going into power saving mode/docking. Changing the app theme now needs an app restart for full effect
– Added an option to unfollow a tag when a tag is clicked
– Removed the “Intent data is null” message
– Fixed a rare crash when viewing posts
– The query refinement button (arrow next to the tag suggestions) is now working as expected

New in version beta-4.1.2:
– Fixed import and export app data
– Option to follow a clicked tag
– Option to remove a clicked tag from the current search
– Added a button to quickly follow a pool
– Support for animated PNGs (APNG)
– The mini preview image displayed at the top when scrolling a post is back again
– Downloading a PNG file now saves it as a .png instead of .jpg
– Edit your followed tags without disabling “Following enabled”
– Added French translation, updated other translations

New in version beta-4.1.1:
– Fixed a bug with trying to save a long list of followed tags
– Fixed a bug with notifications for followed pools (“pool:xxxx”)
– Fixed a bug with importing and exporting saved searches in Android 10+
– The rewind & fast forward buttons for videos are back!

Privacy version

If you want a clean version without Google dependencies or Firebase download this version. It is exactly the same as the “real” except it doesn’t have automatic update checks (yet) and no optional ads or connection to Google/Firebase.

Latest release: 2022-01-02
SHA1: 5984C1394B2AB3BAB3B9C3DD4C95E7A33711AE6D
By using the app you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.


Things ( are done and implemented):

  • Infinite scrolling 
  • Fullscreen scrolling/swiping 
  • Preloading posts 
  • Better navigation 
  • New UI 
  • Clickable tags, artists, sources etc. 
  • ✓ Tags sorted into artist, species, copyright, character and general
  • ✓ Viewing parent/child posts
  •  Dedicated buttons for voting/favourite 
  • ✓ Display thumbnail before the full post is loaded
  • ✓ Caching viewed posts for faster loading
  • ✓ Downloads sorted after download date
  • ✓ Better video player
  • ✓ Better blacklist, rating filter
  • ✓ Easier to vote and see if a post is already in your favourites
  • ✓ Search history
  • ✓ Easier to view and detect comics/pools
  • ✓ Set custom names for saved searches
  • Download an entire comic/pool
  • Undo/redo searches
  • Option to use a pin code to unlock the app
  • Connect through a proxy server
  • In-app links
  • Subscribe to tags and get notified for new posts
  • DText parsing
  • Editing posts
  • Slideshow
  • Translations into other languages
  • Displaying which posts that have been viewed
  • Voting and favouring multiple posts at once 
  • Subscribe to pools and get notified for new posts
  • Show a popup with changes when opening a new version for the first time
  • Changing thumbnail size to original aspect ratio
  • Shortcuts from the app icon
  • Notes on posts
  • YouTube-like minimisation when pressing back when viewing a post
  • Browsing comments, blips, users
  • Viewing Dmail
  • Download manager
  • Viewing sets
  • Editing Sets (adding posts to sets works)
  • Folders in Saved searches
  • Chromecast support
  • Everything else :3
Currently working on:
Last updated 2021-10-29

114 thoughts on “The Wolf’s Stash – An e621/e926 Android app

  1. rcfox says:

    Could it be possible to add a feature to rearrange the bottom icons when viewing a post? I recently got a bigger phone and it’s practically impossible to favorite and download a post with one hand, if you know what I mean.

  2. Jax says:

    Hey, Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing app, especially for free. Great design, great features, great overall experience.

    Would you consider a setting/option to keep the screen awake while viewing posts? I’m pretty sure this happens already for videos or slideshows, but it would be awesome for normal image posts too. Thanks!

  3. Rriik says:

    I saw that recently the option to open a flash post in a flash player app was added to the post’s menu. On my device though, it doesn’t allow me to select the issess shockwave player to play these in. It only sees VLC, which can probably only play videos encoded as shockwave, not actual interactive animations. How could i make the app select the issess player, if that’s at all possible? Or are there other flash player apps you had in mind/tested when adding this option?

    • ZepiWolf says:

      The app asks the Android OS which apps can open video/x-flv (the MIME-type of flash videos), and the OS only displays those apps.
      If your player is not listed it has not told the OS that it can open those kind of videos.
      But I will try and fix something so you can open it anyway. An alternative is to download it first and then open it manually in the player

  4. Rukoh says:

    Hey! Been using this app for a while now but suddenly I’ve been getting a “java.lang.RuntimeException could not open input stream error” followed by a “file not found: [gibberish long url thing]” any time I try to download. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling without any luck. I can’t save anything and it’s kinda defeating the purpose of the app for me.

  5. hatesfoxes99 says:

    In manage followed tags the save button disappears if you add more than the window height so it’s almost unusable

  6. ShdwStrm says:

    Hey! Great app! I just wanted to say that I had it uninstalled for a while, and today I finally got around to reinstall it. I find however that I am no longer allowed to set the download location to the default android downloads folder. Even after checking permissions, I get the message “Can’t use this folder. To protect your privacy, choose another folder.” Did a setting change somewhere in an update that I’m not aware of? Thanks!

  7. brontosauron says:

    Hey, it seems like the overwrite download option is greyed out; and also, the app used to prevent me from downloading stuff i’ve already downloaded, is there a way to enable this again?

      • Brontosauron says:

        It’s less so that, but the option to refuse the download if it’s already in the folder; I think unless im remembering wrongly it used to do that.

        If it’s more in reach to readd the overwrite though that would work/be appreciated.

        Thanks for the quick reply :)

  8. MuskArts says:

    Here’s a thought; have an offline mode, since you’re already cacheing so many images. not sure how exactly it would work though, but even just a way to browse the cached images offline would be nice

  9. FacebookP says:

    Hi Zepiwolf.

    1. I wanted to thank you for adding the improved gif support to your app a few weeks ago. I commented about it a couple months ago and I’m happy to see it finally implemented.

    2. After the latest update, it seems like I’m no longer able to launch the app. The app doesn’t even appear to open on the screen, it just closes instantly. I’m using an LG Stylo 4 and it doesn’t seem like I’m able to downgrade to a previous version. Any ideas?

    Also, if I have to uninstall / reinstall, will I lose all of my Saved Searches if I didn’t make a backup? Thanks again for the hard work.

    • FacebookP says:

      Edit: it only seems to be on the unclean version I’m able to launch the clean version fine (albeit without any of the previous data)

    • ZepiWolf says:

      Hi :)

      Are you using the app downloaded here on this website? Or from Google Play? If you got it from google then you need to update it again (I released a new update yesterday).
      I just published an update to the web version here, try and install it to see if it fixes the problem :)

      And yes, if you uninstall you will lose everything unless you did a backup in the app settings menu.

  10. Rio Lelacrux says:

    It seems after the latest update that now Cloudflare is flagging access to e621 and requiring a captcha Everytime and sometimes that captcha doesn’t load. Is this on the apps end?

  11. Watern0va says:

    I love this app! I was wondering though, is it possible to compile a Windows Version of it? I would love the touch interface for my Surface…

    • ZepiWolf says:

      Sadly not in the near future :/ It involves learning Swift (the iOS programming language) and getting it published on the iOS store (costs 100$/year..)

  12. Running___out says:

    I think it would be really convenient to have some way of knowing if a child or parent post has been deleted, like a strikethrough on the post number or something. Probably the most frustrating part of regular use of this app is when a post has a couple children and then you find out that half of them were deleted!

    • Running___out says:

      Would it be possible to request those pages like if you were going to pre-load them (which also isn’t a bad idea for child / parent posts) and then check the image status like that?

  13. FacebookP says:

    Is there anything I can do about GIFs playing very slowly through the app? WEMBs work fine and higher quality GIFs work fine through other apps as well. I’m on an LG Style 4.

    Thanks for making a very good e621 browser :)

  14. Daxit says:

    Is there a way that you can implement keyboard shortcuts (like arrows to navigate)? I’m on a tablet, and I have a Bluetooth keyboard cover thingy. Just saying that keyboard shortcuts would help with one handed operation. ;)

  15. TheThing says:

    I’m trying to wrap my head around how posts are ordered. So when I select order by most favorites, each page gets correctly ordered, but the last post on the first page has substantially less then the first post on the second page. The same pattern applies to subsequent pages.
    Id prefer if number of favorites go consistently down from one page to the next.

    • ZepiWolf says:

      The ordering is per page only (e.g. if you order by number of favourites then the posts on each page will be ordered by most favourites). If you want to do a “global” ordering you need to search for “order:fav” or “order:score” etc. :)

  16. BorderlineAxo says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to view any nsfw content when I use the app. If i turn Safe Mode off no images show up at all

  17. King says:

    Been using anime boxes for years and it’s finally done in. Can you add a way to reorganize the format to make it more user friendly?

  18. running__out says:

    Now that saved pools are separate from saved tags, could we get an option to automatically get notifications for pool updates?

  19. SilkInFlames says:

    Hey, I had a cool idea and thought I’d share it here, so let me know if it sounds or not!

    So I thought it would be helpful if instead of closing a post when using the back button, the post would be minimized, kinda like youtube when the video shrinks and is placed at the bottom. This would make it so you don’t have to go to the previous post manually after you were searching for something better but couldn’t find anything.

    Anyway thanks a lot for the app, it is certainly very smooth and runs a lot better than using the website! :)

  20. Steve Rogers says:

    Blacklist doesn’t work in the app. I add the tags, do a new search, and the same images show up. I’m using the latest version.

    • ZepiWolf says:

      Are you adding each tag you want to blacklist as a new item?
      E.g. if you want to blacklist all posts with horses and all with dogs, you need to create one item with “horse” and another with “dog”.
      If you instead want to blacklist all posts that have BOTH the “horse” and “dog” tags then you enter them in the same blacklist item.
      Hope this helps :)

  21. hatesfoxes99 says:

    New update makes it so when you click on the last post it skip it to the next page by its self and if you just scroll to the last image in the page

  22. running___out says:

    Great app! Two ideas: First, a slideshow mode that automatically scrolls through posts in the results. I was thinking of having options like the number of pages to shuffle, and random order. Second, I think it would be useful to have a dialog for when a post is either opened from a link or from a parent / child post that’s on the blacklist that tells the user what the post is blacklisted for and gives them the option to view anyways.

  23. Durcip says:

    Is there any way to sort the favorites by date added? The favorites page on e621 has them sorted, is there any way to take from the favorites page and sort the posts in the app? Or is it done by search and gets rid of order then?

  24. Spnova says:

    Everytime i log into my account it gives me a page retrieval error
    Any idea if this is a bug or just me?

  25. WVGman says:

    I really like the app, however the videos on the app will continue playing in the background if you close the app including the audio, which lead to a rather embarrassing moment. If you could either stop that from happening or add an option to settings, I would greatly appreciate it.

  26. hatesfoxes99 says:

    After update 2.5.3 favorites still don’t update in your app tried through ur app and through their site won’t update the favorites on the app

    • hatesfoxes99 says:

      I actually found out what was happening it’s for some reason when I favorite anything after the new e621 update the favorites get put in order of when they were posted can you please fix this cause on their site it still goes in order of when u favorites them which I like

    • hatesfoxes99 says:

      Just a bug i think I found after you sent a fix for new e621 API but the app doesn’t show new images you favorited after new e621 update

    • Reki says:

      following tags doesnt seem to be working atm :c
      btw may i suggest maybe moving that functionality to saved searches? You could have a checkbox on the saved search edit box like “follow search”

  27. Imaniceguy says:

    I love your app so much! It’s certainly one of my favorite apps when it comes to furry art. I hope you continue to update and keep this project alive because it truly is one of a kind!

    However, it seems like e621 got a new website update and the app has completely stopped working as of now :(.

  28. Yoshiaki says:

    In the wolf’s stash v1, the cache was accessible. Could you make it accessible again, or at least allow us to change its location?

    • ZepiWolf says:

      I will add a progress bar in the future. I removed the setting for HQ because so many people got Out Of Memory crashes, but I will try and add it back soon

  29. A random fez says:

    This app is great! Thanks for putting in the time to make this. Also have you thought about making it possible to view all cached images in-app?

  30. David Lawker says:

    I’ve been using this app for months and months and I’m so impressed with how well it works. It’s so convenient and easy to use. I hope you never quit on this app because it’s honestly amazing!

  31. Peenpron says:

    Where do the cached posts go in this beta? I know it goes into a cache folder next to the export folder in TWF version 1, but cant find it in the beta

    • ZepiWolf says:

      They go in the app’s private directory which you can only access with a rooted phone (/data/data/se.zepiwolf.tws/cache). I did this to make it possible to clear the cache from the “Clear cache” in the regular settings app

  32. K9 says:

    In popular -by day/week/month.
    Can you add an option to select date, and maybe it can by chanenge by swapping left and right bay +/- 1.

  33. Jebederrick7 says:

    What if you could blacklist tag pairings? Like, if you enjoy hyper stuff but not when it’s on ‘my little pony’ or something, so you could blacklist “hyper+mlp” to blacklist any image with both of those tags.

    • ZepiWolf says:

      This already works? If you press the “+” in the blacklist and enter “hyper my_little_pony” in the first field it blacklists posts that have both of the tags :)
      You also currently can’t use the short version of the tag, you need to enter the full name, e.g. “my_little_pony” instead of “mlp”

  34. bug_payne says:

    One thing I think would be nice is at least the ability to enable auto play and auto replay on webm videos like in the original app

  35. The Batman says:

    A great feature would be the ability to have folders for saved searches. For example, I have more than 50 searches, and it would be nice if I could organise them by artists, comics/pools, and general searches

  36. R2D2 says:

    İ have problem with downloading posts. When it download post in background it stop loading and can’t resume. Make please better downloading manager or you can make multiple post sharing for downloading with download managers like ADM, download manager plus and etc.

  37. Dar says:

    1: Is uploading and/or editing included in the API? If so will we ever see that implemented? It’d be nice to be able to add a few missing tags and such.

    2: An.E621 logo or E621 derivative logo would be nice. Maybe a hexagon with a flat wolf face on it?

    • ZepiWolf says:

      1. Not sure about uploading, but editing will be possible :)
      2. I’d rather not use the exact e621 logo if I’m gonna upload it to the play store, but I can think of something with the same colours ^^

  38. LegoLew2 says:

    Hello, I have an idea if want to be able to download whole pools in a way to keep it organized. (I am not an expert on this so please forgive me if this sounds like an impossible idea.) It would be to make a repeating function that looks at each file mid download and renames it to a number. Stopping when the last file has been downloaded in a pool. With the number starting with 000 or 001. Adding up by one for each file. Again, I don’t know how the language you are using works, but just wanted to help how I can.

  39. Xilda (again) says:

    How about being able to upvote, downvote and/or favourite multiple posts at once? It would be particularly useful for pools and comics.

    • ZepiWolf says:

      This is easy to add but you are only allowed to make an API call (vote or favourite a post) once every second. So to e.g. favourite 24 posts it would take at least 24 seconds :/

  40. Xilda says:

    The tag “-voted:username” currently doesn’t work in the app but does on the website itself. I use it a lot to sort out the pictures I’ve already seen. Will it work in the next version?

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