The Derpi Stash – A Derpibooru Android app

8 thoughts on “The Derpi Stash – A Derpibooru Android app

  1. Ferrovia says:

    Any way at all you could make this compatible to another booru. Namely Rule34?

    Because the one thing every single R34 app lacks that Wolf Stash (and I’m assuming this one) has. Is that you can get notifications on new updates for tags you follow.

  2. T.A.U says:

    Hi zepiwolf

    I hope you are well
    I have a question and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but this app will go ahead?

    I guess you have a lot of work behind you, sorry if I seem demanding.

    I was hoping to see another update soon.

  3. TheAnonUser says:

    For this app and for the wolf stash it will be cool if the filter by new filters by added as new favourite.

    Because on TWS Im thinking that the filter by default, new, is filtering by date of post and I feel it a little frustrating

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